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wish you were here

Wish You Were Here

In shadows cast and memories dear,
A tale unfolds of love sincere.
A man once graced by love’s sweet kiss,
Now walks alone in the abyss.

His soulmate gone, a heart now bled,
In dreams, she lingers, love’s thread.
Their laughter echoed through the night,
A dance of stars, a pure delight.

The sunsets painted hues so bright,
In her embrace, he found his light.
Yet fate, unkind, tore them apart,
Leaving a void within his heart.

He roams the streets, the man in pain,
His tears concealed like summer rain.
He searches for her in each face,
A lost connection, time can’t erase.

In every whisper of the breeze,
In twilight’s song that softly flees,
He feels her presence, ever near,
Wishing she’d come back, reappear.

But destiny’s decree remains,
A love extinguished, bound by chains.
He yearns for one more chance to say,
The words he saved for another day.

Amidst the shadows, he resides,
The window’s ledge, where he confides.
The world moves on, yet he’s held fast,
In dreams of what was meant to last.

He watches people pass him by,
Their laughter lifts upon the sky.
He’s just a man in the window, true,
A soul adrift without her view.

Though time may heal, his heart may mend,
His love for her will never end.
He’ll linger there, a silent seer,
The man forever in the window, wishing you were here.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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