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Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone

Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone

In the quiet hours of the night,
I contemplate with weary eyes,
Will they miss me when I’m gone,
When my presence no longer lies?

Through laughter shared and tears unwept,
In moments carved, in memories kept,
I’ve walked this path, my footsteps traced,
But will their hearts be interlaced?

The days unfold, the years rush past,
Each fleeting moment, meant to last,
But will my absence leave a mark,
Or fade away like shadows in the dark?

In whispers soft, the wind may tell,
The stories of the life I’ve dwelled,
Will they listen, will they yearn,
For my return, my essence to discern?

When stars adorn the velvety sky,
And night’s embrace draws nigh,
Will they seek my face in constellations,
Or cast me off to distant destinations?

In the tapestry of life’s grand design,
Will my thread unravel, intertwine?
Or will they hold a space, reserved,
For the soul that once so bravely swerved?

Through trials faced and victories won,
In friendships forged, in battles done,
Will they recall the person, the soul,
Whose presence once made them feel whole?

And as the final chapter nears,
With all my hopes, regrets, and fears,
I wonder, ponder, and softly plea,
Will they miss me when I’m finally free?

Though life’s a dance with steps unknown,
I hope my presence fully shown,
That in their hearts, a place I’ll find,
A memory cherished, intertwined.

For when I’m gone, let love remain,
A beacon bright through joy and pain,
And as the world continues on,
May they miss me, and my love live on.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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