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why cant we be friends Donald and Joe

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

In this land of politics, where lines are deeply drawn,
A tale of two men, their visions far gone.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden, names that make waves,
Their differences profound, like soldiers in separate graves.

One was the leader, with his golden mane,
A businessman’s swagger, seeking fortune and fame.
The other, a statesman, a seasoned soul,
A journey through politics, his ultimate goal.

They stood on the podiums, their words piercing the air,
Promising change, with passion and flair.
One spoke of walls, to divide and control,
The other of unity, a nation made whole.

But why can’t we be friends, despite the divide?
In this world of power, can empathy reside?
For beneath the suits and the ties they wear,
Beat hearts that can listen, and hearts that can care.

One painted red, the other, the hue of blue,
Yet both yearned for progress, a better world to pursue.
They fought tooth and nail, to uphold their ideals,
Yet deep down, both men knew, it’s compassion that heals.

Imagine a moment, where walls turn to bridges,
A meeting of minds, erasing political fridges.
Where Donald and Joe, with a smile and a nod,
Could find common ground, transcending the facade.

For beyond the rhetoric, the speeches and soundbites,
Lie the hopes and dreams of the people’s fights.
In the end, we’re all humans, seeking solace and peace,
So why can’t we be friends, and let the hostility cease?

Let’s set aside ego, let empathy thrive,
Break down the barriers, so that we can survive.
It’s not about winning, or losing the game,
But finding a way to bridge the divide, all the same.

So, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, hear our plea,
Lay down your swords, and let unity be.
Embrace the power of friendship’s embrace,
For in our togetherness, we find strength and grace.

Let this be a reminder, in the years to come,
That even in politics, friendship can overcome.
For the heart of a nation, beats not as two foes,
But as one united spirit, where compassion grows.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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