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whens it going to end

When’s It Going To End?

In shadows deep, where fear resides,
A question haunts, as darkness hides.
A world where violence takes its toll,
When’s it going to end? My weary soul.

Across the streets, a chilling breeze,
Whispers tales of shattered peace.
In hearts and minds, scars are etched,
As innocence fades, and hope’s beset.

When’s it going to end? I plea,
As tears cascade, unendingly.
For in the night, where dreams should thrive,
We’re left to wonder, will love survive?

Children’s laughter silenced by despair,
As echoes of gunshots fill the air.
Families torn apart by senseless strife,
When’s it going to end? This tragic life.

In alleys dark, and corners bleak,
Humanity’s worth, we must seek.
To stem the tide of pain and dread,
When’s it going to end? My restless head.

A call for justice, loud and clear,
To break the cycle, halt the fear.
We must unite, stand hand in hand,
Against the demons that plague our land.

When’s it going to end? We ask anew,
For a future where peace breaks through.
With empathy and understanding, we strive,
To build a world where hope can thrive.

Let’s heal the wounds, repair the rift,
Embrace compassion, let hate lift.
For in our hearts, a seed is sown,
When’s it going to end? Let love be known.

With open arms and open minds,
Together, we’ll find the ties that bind.
And though the road is steep and long,
Hope’s flame within us must grow strong.

So, let us rise and take a stand,
With love as our guide, hand in hand.
For in our unity, we’ll transcend,
And answer the question: when’s it going to end?

A Poem by ChatGPT

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