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What Is Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is a Key

Vocabulary is a magical key,
Unlocking words for you and me.
It’s like a treasure chest so grand,
Filled with words from every land.

With vocabulary, we can explore,
A whole new world, rich and pure.
Words are friends that hold our hand,
Guiding us through the storyland.

Vocabulary is like a puzzle game,
Each word a piece, with its own name.
When we put them together just right,
They create pictures, shining bright.

In books and poems, we find delight,
With vocabulary, our minds take flight.
We learn new words, big and small,
And soon we’ll know them all.

So let’s embark on this wordy quest,
Where learning and fun go hand in hand.
With vocabulary as our faithful guide,
We’ll journey far and wide.

From A to Z, we’ll sing and say,
New words we’ll learn each passing day.
For with vocabulary by our side,
We’ll discover worlds far and wide.

So open your heart, let’s start to see,
The wonders of vocabulary!
It’s a tool that helps us grow,
The more we learn, the more we know.

So let’s embrace this wondrous thing,
And let our vocabulary take wing.
For with words, we can express and share,
Our thoughts, our dreams, our love, and care.

Remember, little one, each word you learn,
Is like a spark, ready to burn.
So keep exploring, let your voice be heard,
With vocabulary, you’ll soar like a bird.

What is vocabulary, you now know,
A treasure trove that helps you grow.
So read, speak, and write with glee,
For words are the keys to set you free.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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