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What Is Grammar?

Grammar’s Magic

In the land of words and sentences,
Where language rules and meaning dances,
There’s a magical force that keeps things neat,
It’s called Grammar, let’s take a seat.

Grammar helps us make sense of our speech,
Like a puzzle, it’s a code we reach.
With letters, we build words so strong,
Grammar guides us all along.

Nouns are the heroes, they name a thing,
Like a castle or a queen or a shiny ring.
They give us the who and what we see,
A dog, a cat, or a big oak tree.

Verbs are the action words that move,
They help us play and run and groove.
Jump, laugh, or sing a happy tune,
Verbs make our sentences come alive soon.

Adjectives paint pictures, they add some flair,
They describe how things look or feel in the air.
A yellow sun, a fluffy cloud, a soft, warm hug,
Adjectives make our stories snug.

Now, let’s not forget the adverbs, my dear,
They tell us how an action did appear.
Quickly, slowly, quietly, or loud,
Adverbs make our words a joyful crowd.

Punctuation marks, they’re like little clues,
They help us know when to pause or choose.
Periods, question marks, and exclamation signs,
They make our sentences shine.

So, little reader, embrace Grammar’s might,
With its rules, we’ll always write just right.
Let words be your friends, your pen your guide,
And Grammar will be your trusty side.

So, explore the world of words, my dear,
With Grammar’s help, there’s nothing to fear.
Build sentences, create your own rhyme,
And let your imagination soar every time.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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