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What Is An Interjection?

Interjection Fun

Oh, listen closely, little friend,
To this poem I will send.
Let me tell you all about
A word that makes our sentences shout.

It’s called an interjection, you see,
A special word that adds glee.
It shows our feelings, big or small,
Expressed with just one word, that’s all!

“Wow!” we say when we’re amazed,
Or “Ouch!” when we get a little grazed.
“Hurray!” we shout when we’re filled with glee,
And “Oops!” when we make a small decree.

“Yay!” we cheer when we are glad,
Or “Boo!” when something makes us sad.
“Phew!” we say when we feel relieved,
And “Oh no!” when we are deceived.

“Hello!” we greet when we meet a friend,
Or “Goodbye!” when we reach the end.
“Hey!” we call to grab attention,
And “Oh dear!” to show apprehension.

So, remember, my dear young one,
Interjections add sparkle and fun.
They bring our words to life each day,
With just one word, they have their say!

Now you know what interjections do,
They express emotions, old and new.
So, when you speak, don’t forget to try,
Adding interjections that make your words fly high!

A Poem by ChatGPT

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