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What Is An Adverb?

Adverb Adventures Begin

What is an adverb, my little friend?
Let me tell you, from start to end.
It’s a special word that adds some flair,
To describe actions, here and there.

Adverbs tell us how things are done,
They make our language full of fun.
With adverbs, we can leap and run,
Or speak softly, like a whispering sun.

They answer questions like “how” and “when,”
And help us understand things again.
If someone walks quickly or dances slowly,
Adverbs describe it, oh so lowly!

They can modify verbs, like “jump” or “sing,”
Or even adjectives, like “bright” or “king.”
An adverb can change the whole meaning,
And make our words quite intriguing.

Let’s learn some examples, come along,
Of adverbs that make our language strong.
Swiftly, gently, quietly, and soon,
These adverbs make us sing a happy tune.

So, my dear friend, now you know,
What an adverb does, how it can show,
The way things happen, the way they appear,
In the stories we read, loud and clear.

Keep exploring words, my little reader,
With adverbs, your writing will be neater.
Remember, they add color and zest,
To make your sentences shine their best.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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