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What Is An Adjective?

Adjective Wonders

What is an adjective, little one?
Let’s have some fun, and let’s make it known.
It’s a word that gives us more detail,
Describing things, big or small-scale.

Adjectives make our language bright,
They paint pictures, so vivid and light.
They add colors to the world we see,
Helping us express, express so free.

When we talk about a cat, so furry,
Or a sky, so blue, never dreary,
We use adjectives to tell them apart,
To capture their essence, their very heart.

An adjective can tell us the size,
Like a tiny bug or a huge surprise.
It can show us how things feel or taste,
Like a soft blanket or a sweet pastry paste.

Adjectives help us describe the weather,
Like a sunny day or a stormy tether.
They give us hints about how things sound,
Like a loud drum or a whisper profound.

So, when you read or when you speak,
Remember adjectives, they’re never weak.
They bring life to our words, oh so grand,
In the stories we read and the tales we command.

What is an adjective, little friend?
It’s a magical word, from start to end.
It makes our language lively and bright,
Helping us explore with all our might.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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