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What Is A Verb?

Verb Power

A verb is an action word, you see,
It tells us what things do, you and me.
Running, jumping, skipping, and hopping,
Verbs keep the world spinning and never stopping.

When you laugh or cry, that’s a verb.
When you sing or shout, that’s a verb.
When you clap your hands or stomp your feet,
Verbs are the words that make things complete.

Verbs show us when things happen, too.
They tell us if it’s now or through and through.
Past, present, and future they can tell,
Verbs have a special story to spell.

“I love to play,” says the verb “love.”
“I am playing,” says the verb “play,” from above.
“I will run,” says the verb “run” so fast,
Verbs make our sentences forever last.

So remember, little reader, as you go,
Verbs are the stars that make language glow.
They make our stories and poems sing,
Verbs are the heart of everything.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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