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What Is A Pronoun?

Pronouns Explained

In words we find a special tool,
To help us speak and write in school.
Among these words, there’s one to know,
It’s called a pronoun, let’s explore!

A pronoun takes the place, you see,
Of a noun, like you or me.
Instead of saying, “Sara is kind,”
We can use “she” to save some time.

“He” is used for boys and men,
Like, “Jake loves to count to ten.”
And if it’s more than one, you know,
“We” and “they” are ready to show.

Now, let’s talk about “I” and “you,”
They’re pronouns we often use.
When I want to talk about myself,
“I” is used to describe myself.

“You” can mean just one or many,
Like, “Hi, friend, can you help me, Annie?”
It’s a pronoun we use to speak,
To someone else, it’s not just me!

Remember, pronouns are words so neat,
They make our sentences complete.
They help us tell a story grand,
With pronouns, you can understand!

So, next time you write or say,
Remember pronouns make your words play.
They take the place of nouns we know,
And help our language bloom and grow!

A Poem by ChatGPT

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