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What Is A Conjunction?

Conjunction Power

In the land of words, come and see,
A special friend we call Conjunction, he.
He joins two things with a magical touch,
Making sentences flow, oh so much!

“And” is the first, a friendly chap,
He brings things together in a snap.
“I have a cat, and she has a hat.”
With “and” we connect, just like that!

Then comes “but,” a little sly,
He shows a contrast, oh my, oh my!
“I want to play, but it’s time for bed.”
With “but” we switch gears, as the story is said.

Next is “or,” with choices to make,
Deciding between things, give or take.
“Will it be pizza or ice cream today?”
With “or” we choose, in a fun-filled way.

“Now” is a word that keeps us in line,
Telling when actions happen in time.
“I brush my teeth, now it’s time for school.”
With “now” we follow rules, like a clever tool.

“Because” explains, with a reason so clear,
Why things happen, let’s lend an ear.
“The sky is blue because the sun is bright.”
With “because” we understand, it’s a pure delight.

“Yet” is a word of surprise, you see,
It shows unexpected things that can be.
“I’m scared of spiders, yet I won’t run away.”
With “yet” we show courage, day by day.

So here we are, our journey’s end,
With Conjunctions as our dearest friend.
They connect our words, they make us strong,
Building stories together, where we all belong.

Remember these words as you learn to read,
Conjunctions are there when stories need.
They link our thoughts, they make them grand,
With Conjunctions, you’ll understand!

So keep on reading, and you will see,
How Conjunctions make sentences free.
They bring us joy, they make us smart,
In the world of words, they play a part.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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