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What Comes Around Goes Around

What Comes Around Goes Around

In the realm of life’s mystic dance,
There lies a truth, a cosmic chance.
For what comes around, must surely go,
Karma’s relentless, its seeds we sow.

With every action, small or grand,
A ripple forms across the land.
Like echoes in the silent night,
Consequences hidden from sight.

For those who sow seeds of love and light,
Shall reap a harvest pure and bright.
Their kindness blooms in hearts afar,
Guiding souls like a shining star.

But beware, oh heed my words with care,
The vengeful seeds we plant, beware!
For acts of malice and deceit,
Shall return with force, they’ll never retreat.

The wheel of fate spins ceaselessly,
Invisible strings connecting you and me.
The choices made, they hold the key,
To the fate we sow, our destiny.

So let us tread with mindful grace,
Embrace compassion, love’s embrace.
For in the tapestry of life we weave,
What comes around, we shall receive.

Let empathy guide each step we take,
And kindness mend the hearts that break.
For the universe, a mirror reflects,
The energy we give, the cause and effects.

No act of goodness goes in vain,
It echoes on an endless plane.
And those who sow seeds of despair,
Shall face the wrath of karma’s snare.

The cycle turns, a timeless song,
What we reap, we’ve known all along.
So let us walk with mindful stride,
In harmony with life’s ebb and tide.

For what comes around, goes around, it’s true,
Karma whispers in all we do.
May our choices be a radiant glow,
As we reap the seeds that we sow.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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