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Slender Man

Urban Legends

In shadows deep, where darkness rules,
A tapestry of whispers, urban legends’ tools,
Where truth and fiction blend, an eerie stew,
I tread the path, to unearth what’s true.

Beneath the moon’s pale, haunting gaze,
Lies a realm of lore, a mystic maze,
Legends born from whispered breaths,
Spread like wildfire, defying death.

A ghostly figure, a spectral wail,
Haunted mansions, where lost souls ail,
Whispers of spirits, that linger and moan,
In halls of history, their presence shown.

From the depths of lakes, a watery grave,
Emerges a specter, its victims it craves,
A mournful cry, a tale of sorrow,
A watery hand, claiming souls tomorrow.

In alleys dim, where darkness creeps,
A phantom figure, in secrets it keeps,
The legend tells of a lurking doom,
A faceless terror, a cursed tomb.

The cursed dolls, with vacant stare,
They watch, they wait, a chilling affair,
Their porcelain eyes, forever unblinking,
A curse upon all, never shrinking.

Whispers of creatures, monstrous and grand,
A beastly fiend that stalks the land,
Its claws leave scars, its howls foretell,
A legend born of a living hell.

Urban legends, an eternal shroud,
Ensnaring minds, like a misty cloud,
In the hearts of skeptics, doubts may grow,
But their allure persists, as stories flow.

So gather ’round, seekers of the bizarre,
Embrace the tales, both near and far,
For in these legends, truths may lie,
Unraveling the mysteries, that make us sigh.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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