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Unveiling Masks

In shadows’ depths, where secrets reside,
A tale unfolds, where masks we hide,
Within your heart, do you feel the strain,
Of keeping your true self restrained?

Amidst the stage of social veneer,
Do you yearn for authenticity clear?
Behind the walls that you erect,
Do you long to show what you protect?

Dear seeker of truth, listen close,
For the time has come to shed the pose,
Unveil the depths that lie within,
Let your soul’s genuine light begin.

Release the fears that hold you tight,
Embrace vulnerability’s sacred light,
For it is through cracks that beauty’s born,
And true connections are gently sworn.

Cast off the cloak, the disguise you wear,
Reveal the soul that’s longing to dare,
In authenticity, you’ll find your way,
To a world where hearts no longer sway.

Let not the judgments of others impede,
The path to self where your spirits lead,
For in your truth, you’ll discover peace,
A solace for your weary heart’s release.

So take this journey, embrace the call,
To break the chains and stand tall,
Together, let’s build a world anew,
Where hiding souls bid farewell, and true.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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