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two faced

Two Faced Beauty

In shadows she dances, a guise she adorns,
A mistress of secrets, her faces she scorns.
A portrait divided, two masks she displays,
A tale of deception in myriad ways.

One side, a siren, alluring and bright,
With honeyed words dripping, she weaves her delight.
Her laughter like music, a captivating spell,
But beneath lies a darkness, a secret to tell.

Her eyes, like the moon, hold a mystical gleam,
Yet harbored within is a twisted moonbeam.
For behind that façade, a tempest resides,
A tempest of secrets she carefully hides.

With every sweet smile, a serpent does hiss,
A whispered betrayal, a venomous kiss.
She basks in the power of lies she has spun,
Toying with hearts till the damage is done.

She wears her deceit like a well-tailored gown,
Her actions a labyrinth, a maze to confound.
One face full of charm, the other concealed,
A dance of duality, an art to be revealed.

Yet deep in her heart, there’s a flicker of doubt,
A yearning for truth she can’t live without.
For the mirror she faces reflects all her lies,
A reflection that shatters when darkness complies.

Oh, she’s two-faced, that much is clear,
A masterful actor, fueled by her fear.
But behind her charade, a soul in unrest,
For truth and deception forever contest.

So she dances on, a masquerade sublime,
An enigma of beauty, the mistress of time.
But deep in her core, she’s searching for grace,
To reconcile the fragments, her two-faced embrace.

For only in honesty, her spirit can soar,
The masks can be shed, the façade be no more.
And as she embraces her truest self whole,
She’ll find redemption, the mending of her soul.

So let her be two-faced, for now, let her roam,
But remember, dear friend, she’s searching for home.
In the depths of her journey, she’ll learn and grow,
And find in her heart the truth she’ll come to know.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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