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Times Must Change

Times Must Change

Times must change, in a land divided,
Burdened by strife, where hope subsided,
Yet within the darkness, a flicker remains,
A call for transformation, breaking these chains.

Times must change, as differences persist,
But unity beckons, like a sunrise kissed,
By rays of understanding, breaking through,
Embracing our shared humanity anew.

Times must change, let kindness unfold,
As compassion triumphs, and hearts behold,
The power to heal, to bridge the divide,
In unity, our strength shall forever reside.

Times must change, through dialogue and grace,
Respecting each voice, creating a space,
Where harmony blossoms, differences blend,
A symphony of unity, a message to send.

Times must change, for the sake of our land,
United we rise, hand in hand,
Facing the challenges that test our might,
With hope as our guide, we’ll prevail in this fight.

Times must change, as we gather the strength,
To build a future where divisions relent,
A tapestry woven with threads of peace,
Where understanding and love never cease.

Times must change, in the face of despair,
For in unity lies the power to repair,
A fractured nation, and ignite the flame,
Of hope reborn, as times must change.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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