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In ancient times, as history reveals,
Tribalism emerged with its intricate appeals.
For survival’s sake, humans gathered in tribes,
Seeking strength and protection in communal vibes.

They shared a common language, a sacred ground,
A bond that formed amidst the wilderness’ sound.
In unity, they found security and might,
Facing the challenges that darkness would invite.

But as civilizations grew and empires expanded,
Tribalism evolved, its nature remanded.
No longer just for survival, it now held sway,
Over notions of identity and who held the day.

Empires rose and fell, leaving in their wake,
The seeds of division that were hard to break.
In the name of ethnicity, religion, or creed,
Tribal lines were drawn, and unity would recede.

Colonial conquests deepened the divide,
Forcing boundaries, where none should reside.
Nations were carved out, hasty and blind,
Disregarding the intricate ties that bind.

In modern times, tribalism takes new form,
Nurtured by fear, ignorance, and storm.
Political ideologies, social divides,
Fuel the flames that disunity provides.

Media platforms, echo chambers of thought,
Strengthening biases, distorting what’s taught.
Polarization thrives, spreading like wildfire,
Drowning out reason, stoking the mire.

Yet, amid the chaos, hope still resides,
For in recognizing the roots, we can turn the tides.
By acknowledging our shared human plight,
We can dismantle the walls that hinder our sight.

Education and empathy must be our guide,
To bridge the gaps that tribalism can’t hide.
Embracing diversity, cherishing our collective worth,
We can heal the wounds and restore our Earth.

For the story of tribalism is not yet complete,
Its chapters unfolding, a chance to rewrite.
Let us forge a new narrative, united and strong,
Where humanity’s bonds grow enduring and long.

In ancient past and modern days we see,
Tribalism’s grip on society.
But in our hands lies the power to choose,
A future where unity and compassion infuse.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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