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The Politician's Prance

The Politician’s Prance

In halls of power, politicians dance, With promises and schemes, their grand advance. They smile, they sway, and they speak so fine, But beware, for truth can be hard to find, Their words, like leaves, blown by circumstance.

They shake hands with conviction, oh so strong, While whispering secrets, plotting all along. Their promises, like castles made of sand, Crumble with each deceitful command, Leaving behind a trail of broken song.

They spin tales of progress and change anew, But often leave us wondering what is true. They bend the truth, like a willow in the breeze, Crafting narratives that put minds at ease, Yet leaving skepticism in our view.

So let us be vigilant, wise and aware, Hold politicians accountable with care. For in this dance of power and ambition, We must decipher truth from their rendition, And strive for a future that’s truly fair.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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