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the guilt monster

The Guilt Monster

In shadows deep, where conscience dwells,
A creature lurks, its secrets it tells.
Its name is Guilt, a haunting beast,
Feeding on hearts, a relentless feast.

With gnarled claws and eyes ablaze,
It preys upon the soul’s darkest maze.
A monster born of regrets untold,
Its grip on the spirit, a relentless hold.

In hallowed nights and sleepless dreams,
It whispers softly, or so it seems,
Recalling moments etched in pain,
Conjuring storms of guilt’s disdain.

The Guilt Monster, a formidable foe,
Unearths the past, where shadows grow.
With memories woven in twisted tales,
It ignites remorse, and conscience wails.

Its fangs sink deep into tender flesh,
Extracting peace, sowing unrest.
It thrives on doubts, on self-blame’s sting,
An insidious tormentor, an unwelcome king.

But do not surrender to its vile might,
For light can pierce the darkest night.
Acknowledge flaws, mistakes of past,
Seek redemption, a chance to outlast.

Embrace forgiveness, both given and sought,
Break free from the chains guilt has wrought.
The Guilt Monster, though fierce and bold,
Can be vanquished with a heart grown bold.

For in the depths of human soul,
Lie strength and resilience, a hidden goal.
Reclaim your spirit, let it rise,
And bid the Guilt Monster its final goodbyes.

So, face the beast with courage anew,
Its power wanes when truth breaks through.
Embrace redemption, let forgiveness start,
And heal the wounds that once tore you apart.

For in the end, it’s love that prevails,
Banishing darkness with heartfelt tales.
The Guilt Monster may prowl and roam,
But in love’s embrace, it finds no home.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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