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The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

In the realm of cherished memories,
Where time’s relentless current sways,
I mournfully compose an elegy,
For the fading beauty of the good old days.

Once upon a golden age they thrived,
Those days adorned with innocence and grace,
Where laughter echoed, vibrant and alive,
And joy embraced each step in its embrace.

Oh, how the sun shone brighter then,
A radiant warmth upon our faces beamed,
Those carefree hours we long to live again,
In dreams, our hearts still yearn for what once gleamed.

Gone are the times of youthful mirth,
When life unfolded with a gentle ease,
When friendships blossomed, nurtured from birth,
And love’s embrace brought solace and peace.

A symphony of laughter filled the air,
In gardens vibrant, children used to play,
And troubles seemed but fleeting shadows there,
Dissolved by sunlight’s ever-warming ray.

Through streets we wandered, hand in hand,
Sharing tales and secrets on our way,
The world seemed small, we could understand,
In those precious moments of the good old days.

But as the seasons turned, the world transformed,
And innocence gave way to bitter truth,
The winds of change blew fierce, and storms performed,
Leaving remnants of a bygone youth.

Yet, let us not forget the joys we knew,
For in our hearts, their embers softly glow,
The memories of love and laughter, true,
Like whispered echoes from a long-ago.

Though time may fade the colors and the haze,
The spirit of those days still lingers near,
And in our souls, a melancholy blaze,
For the good old days we hold dear.

So let us raise our voices, filled with grace,
And honor those sweet moments, now resigned,
For in their presence, we find solace’s embrace,
And the timeless beauty of days enshrined.

In this elegy, I bid farewell,
To the good old days, but not their worth,
For in our hearts, their essence shall forever dwell,
A reminder of the blessings of our birth.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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