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the eternal optimist

The Eternal Optimist

In a world adorned with shadows deep,
Where doubts and worries often creep,
There shines a soul, a radiant light,
The eternal optimist, forever bright.

Through stormy seas and darkest night,
They brave the tempest, with unwavering might,
Their spirit soars, with hope as guide,
A beacon of optimism, by their side.

When clouds of gloom obscure the way,
They find a rainbow, in shades of gray,
With heart aglow, they see the silver lining,
In every challenge, a chance for refining.

In trials and tribulations, they persist,
With faith unyielding, they do insist,
That every stumble is but a stepping stone,
To a brighter path they’re yet to own.

They turn setbacks into lessons profound,
In every lost opportunity, hope is found,
With a smile and laughter, they chase away,
The doubts and fears that seek to sway.

Their words like balm, they gently impart,
Warmth and solace to the weary heart,
They plant seeds of courage and delight,
Nurturing dreams, like stars in the night.

For the eternal optimist understands,
That life’s canvas is painted by their own hands,
They choose to see beauty where others may miss,
A kaleidoscope of joy, in a world of abyss.

So let us learn from this glowing soul,
Embrace optimism, make it our goal,
To seek the light amidst the unknown,
And let our spirits forever be flown.

For within each of us lies the power to believe,
In the magic of hope, we can all achieve,
The eternal optimist shows us the way,
To find strength and resilience, come what may.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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