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Take the Path of Goodness

Take the Path of Goodness

In a world so wondrous, where dreams come alive,
There are virtues pure, that every child can strive.
Listen close, my dear, as I paint you a tale,
Of virtues that shine bright, like a vibrant trail.

First, there’s kindness, a gentle, caring touch,
Helping others, sharing so much.
A smile, a hug, a comforting word,
Kindness spreads like songs of a little bird.

Next comes courage, strong and bold,
Facing fears with a heart that’s gold.
Stand tall, my dear, and never retreat,
Courage lights the path to dreams we meet.

Patience, my child, is a virtue serene,
Like watching a flower slowly turn green.
Wait with calm, be steady and true,
Patience brings blessings, like morning dew.

Honesty, dear one, is a precious gem,
Speak the truth, both now and then.
Build trust with words that ring so clear,
Honesty’s melody, a sound all should hear.

Forgiveness is a virtue, like a healing balm,
Let go of anger, embrace a soothing calm.
When mistakes occur, forgiveness sets free,
A heart light and joyful, as it’s meant to be.

Generosity, my child, is a gift of the heart,
Sharing with others, playing your part.
Give with joy, and see how it grows,
Generosity’s ripple, like a river that flows.

Lastly, there’s humility, a virtue so rare,
Knowing your worth, but with gentle care.
Learn from others, with an open mind,
Humility’s wisdom, a treasure you’ll find.

So hold these virtues close, let them be your guide,
In every step you take, in each joyful stride.
With kindness, courage, and patience in your view,
You’ll light up the world, as only you can do.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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