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Take a Break

Take a Break

In the world of screens, we endlessly scroll,
Fingers dancing, minds absorbed in the digital flow.
Likes, comments, and posts, our virtual domain,
But it’s time to break free from this online chain.

Let’s take a break from the online craze,
Pause the likes and follows, change our ways.
Unplug, disconnect, and set our souls free,
It’s time to take a digital detox spree.

From memes to hashtags, we’ve seen it all,
But it’s time to heed the offline call.
No more selfies and filters to obsess,
Let’s embrace the real, escape the virtual mess.

So, put down the phone, turn off the screen,
Rediscover the world beyond the digital scene.
In this digital detox, laughter will ensue,
As we reclaim our lives and find what’s true.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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