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Skeletons In The Closet

Skeletons In The Closet

In the depths of darkness, where secrets reside,
Lurking in shadows, where truth likes to hide,
There lies a chamber, hidden from the light,
The closet of skeletons, haunting the night.

Within its confines, forgotten tales reside,
Whispers of past mistakes we try to hide,
Buried deep beneath layers of regret,
Skeletons dance, their memories unset.

Each bone holds a story, a chapter untold,
The echoes of secrets, once precious and bold,
They rattle and tremble, yearning to break free,
But bound by the darkness, they’ll forever be.

Some skeletons bear the weight of old love,
Faded letters, fragments of hearts worn above,
Unrequited passions and shattered dreams,
Linger in the closet, where despair streams.

Others carry the burden of misdeeds,
Guilt and remorse growing like tangled weeds,
Betrayal and lies, hidden in their grins,
Bound to the closet, where darkness begins.

But in this chamber, there’s more than just pain,
Lessons to be learned, wisdom to regain,
For skeletons teach us the value of truth,
And the consequences of sins in our youth.

Embrace the shadows, and face what’s concealed,
Unearth the secrets that time tried to shield,
Release the skeletons, let them find their peace,
And from their redemption, may your soul find release.

For in the closet of skeletons, we find,
The power to heal and leave the past behind,
With courage and honesty, we’ll learn to grow,
And in our hearts, a brighter future will glow.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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