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seek joy not happiness

Seek Joy Not Happiness

In a world that craves fleeting bliss,
I ponder on a truth, I can’t dismiss.
A notion profound, yet often unseen,
That joy, not mere happiness, holds the serene.

Seek not the ripples on life’s shallow lake,
But the depths of tranquility, for love’s sake.
For happiness, a visitor, may come and go,
But joy, a steadfast companion, will forever flow.

Happiness, a fleeting wisp in the wind,
Bound to circumstances, where doubts rescind.
Yet joy, a flame within, burns bright and pure,
Unfazed by shadows, steadfast and sure.

Happiness, a facade, may deceive the eye,
Masking sorrows beneath a painted sky.
But joy, a soul’s oasis, springs from within,
Embracing all, despite the battles we’ve been.

Seek not the glimmer of wealth or fame,
For joy dwells not in power’s fleeting claim.
Instead, find solace in life’s simple pleasures,
In love’s embrace and nature’s boundless treasures.

Happiness dances upon the surface, ephemeral and light,
While joy dives deep, embracing darkness and light.
In moments of pain, it finds solace and healing,
And in the face of trials, it offers strength, revealing.

For joy, unlike happiness, transcends the storm,
A beacon of hope, to guide and transform.
In the depths of sorrow, it whispers, “Hold on tight,
For joy will emerge, bringing serenity’s light.”

So seek not happiness as your sole quest,
But let joy be the compass, guiding you best.
In life’s vast tapestry, let joy be your thread,
Weaving moments of bliss, through the tears you shed.

Seek joy, my friend, in the simplest of things,
In laughter and friendship, the joy that life brings.
For happiness may fleetingly pass you by,
But joy, like a steady heartbeat, will never die.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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