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Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency Unlocked

In the land of words, where stories play,
A little reader sets off today,
To explore the magic that lies within,
Unlocking the world, let’s begin!

Reading fluency is like a dance,
Where words and rhythm find their chance,
A graceful waltz, from line to line,
As letters and sounds start to intertwine.

With every step, the words come alive,
As sentences soar and stories thrive,
Smooth and steady, like a flowing stream,
Reading fluency fulfills our dream.

The letters, they whisper, softly to the ear,
As the reader’s heart begins to cheer,
They join together, side by side,
To create tales that take us on a ride.

With practice and patience, it starts to grow,
Like a gentle breeze that starts to blow,
The words become friends, familiar and kind,
And reading becomes an exciting find.

Fluency is a key that opens doors,
To a world of knowledge and endless shores,
Where adventures await at every turn,
And new lessons are ready to be learned.

So, dear young reader, don’t be shy,
Spread your wings and let your words fly,
Embrace the joy that reading brings,
And see where imagination sings.

For reading fluency is a special gift,
That allows your spirit to uplift,
So dive into books with all your might,
And let your imagination take flight!

What is reading fluency, you may ask?
It’s a magical journey, an exciting task,
A world of wonder, both near and far,
Where stories and dreams truly are.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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