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oh dopamine oh dopamine

Oh Dopamine Oh Dopamine

Oh Dopamine, oh Dopamine, you playful neurotransmitter,
You bring me joy and happiness, oh how you make me Twitter!

When you surge through my brain, I feel like I can fly,
I’m filled with motivation, my spirits soar so high.

You come to me when I achieve, when I succeed or win,
You make me dance and celebrate, with a goofy, silly grin.

But oh, Dopamine, you sneaky friend, you’re not always there,
You tease and tantalize me, leaving me in despair.

I chase after you like a mouse chasing cheese,
But you hide and play tricks, making me beg and please.

Sometimes I find you in a simple act of kindness,
A warm cup of coffee, or a hug that feels the finest.

Other times, you surprise me with a sudden rush,
A thrilling rollercoaster ride or a joke that makes me blush.

Oh Dopamine, you fickle thing, you’re hard to understand,
You make me crave more and more, like a kid in a candyland.

But I know that balance is key, too much of you can be a trap,
So I’ll seek joy in simple things, and not just in your snap.

For life is full of wonders, beyond the dopamine chase,
And finding happiness in little moments is truly an embrace.

So thank you, Dopamine, for the laughter and delight,
But I’ll remember to seek joy, even when you’re out of sight.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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