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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

In shadows cast by vibrant lights,
A legend’s tale, her name ignites.
Marilyn Monroe, an icon’s grace,
A star that soared, a fragile embrace.

Her beauty held a timeless sway,
A smile that could light up the day.
A whirlwind dance, a sultry gaze,
In every frame, the world would praise.

From humble roots, she did arise,
With dreams that pierced the starlit skies.
A troubled soul, a longing heart,
She played her part, a fragile art.

The silver screen, her grand domain,
She captivated, causing hearts to strain.
Her voice, a melody, sweet and pure,
Her presence, enchanting, forever endure.

But behind the glitz, a soul in pain,
A woman seeking love’s gentle rain.
The world adored her painted smile,
Yet unseen tears adorned her style.

Through fame’s relentless, burning fire,
She yearned for love, her heart’s desire.
In lonely nights, she found her solace,
Her heartache hidden beneath her flawless face.

She danced with fame, but sought true bliss,
Within the arms of love’s sweet kiss.
Yet happiness eluded her grasp,
A tragic fate, a love’s cruel rasp.

And like a candle, flickering bright,
Her life extinguished in the darkest night.
Her spirit lingers, forever young,
In memories held by those she’s sung.

Marilyn Monroe, an eternal flame,
A symbol of beauty, a tragic dame.
In fame’s embrace, she found her worth,
A star whose light will never fade from Earth.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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