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Man in the window

Man In The Window

In the depths of solitude, a man resides,
A heart once vibrant, now broken inside,
He gazes through the glass with misty eyes,
A mere reflection of love’s cruel demise.

The world outside dances in joyful glee,
But his window frames a different decree,
Aching loneliness wrapped in shadows dark,
A void within, where hope has left its mark.

The memories haunt him like ghostly kin,
In fractured dreams, love’s echo once been,
His heart’s a ship lost on a tempest sea,
With tides of sorrow, drowning silently.

He once held her close, their souls entwined,
But love’s fickle flame, too fleeting to bind,
In shattered moments, she slipped from his grasp,
Leaving a void that nothing could unclasp.

The raindrops tap the windowpane like tears,
Each drop a mirror to his inner fears,
The night descends, and so does his despair,
His soul entangled in a web of snare.

Amidst the stars that shimmer in the sky,
He finds no solace, no reason to try,
The man in the window, once bold and strong,
Now withers in sorrow, everything gone.

As the moon rises high, his spirit wanes,
Lost in the void where loneliness remains,
No happy ending here, just endless pain,
A heart abandoned, shattered by love’s disdain.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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