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Lost Love

Lost Love

In somber verses, let me weave a tale,
Of a lost love, now beyond the veil.
Oh, lost love, now but a distant dream,
A cherished memory, or so it may seem.

Once upon a time, our souls entwined,
Two hearts ablaze, forever aligned.
A tapestry of passion, vibrant and true,
Bathed in love’s hues, a celestial view.

We danced amidst the stars’ soft embrace,
Bound by affection, no distance could erase.
Your touch, a symphony upon my skin,
Whispered promises, where to begin?

But alas, the winds of change took flight,
Tearing us apart, like day turns to night.
Misfortune’s hand, it cruelly intervened,
Shattering the love we once had gleaned.

Now silence echoes in empty halls,
Where laughter once echoed, now it sprawls.
The tendrils of sorrow, they grip my soul,
A poignant ache that refuses to console.

I mourn the loss of your tender grace,
The warmth of your smile, the softest embrace.
The fragrance of memories, bittersweet,
A love that’s lost, a heart’s lone defeat.

Yet through these tears, a flicker remains,
The essence of you, in memories’ chains.
For though you’re gone, you’ll forever reside,
In the depths of my heart, where love won’t hide.

So here I stand, with a pen and a sigh,
With emotions that words can’t fully imply.
To honor a love that once was mine,
To mourn the loss, to let my heart entwine.

Farewell, my love, may you find solace there,
In the arms of fate, in the gentlest care.
For even as I bid you a tearful adieu,
Love’s essence endures, eternal and true.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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