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Let Us Stand Together

Let Us Stand Together

In a world where unity should reign,
Divisions cast their haunting stain.
Times must change, embrace the shift,
To heal the wounds, let spirits lift.

Lines are drawn, fences rise,
Separating hearts and clouding skies.
But times must change, the old release,
Embracing transformation, finding peace.

Political rifts, ideologies clash,
In fiery debates, reason turned to ash.
Times must change, a new discourse,
Where understanding guides our course.

Religious differences, beliefs at odds,
Holy grounds fought over by demigods.
Times must change, embrace diversity’s song,
Uniting souls, where faith can belong.

National borders, a divisive score,
Drowning dreams on distant shores.
But times must change, erase the divide,
Embrace a world where unity resides.

Color of skin, a reason to divide,
Prejudice lingers, wounds deep inside.
Times must change, equality prevail,
In every heart, let love never fail.

Gender lines, where inequality thrives,
Stripping power from countless lives.
Times must change, empower the oppressed,
Embrace the truth that we are all blessed.

For in this time of change, we see,
A chance for a world where we can be free.
Breaking down walls, embracing the new,
Where divisions dissolve, and unity ensues.

Times must change, and so must we,
Embrace the transformation, let love decree.
A future where divisions cease to exist,
United as one, in a harmonious twist.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,
Embracing the change that will expand,
A world where divisions are left behind,
For in unity’s embrace, true solace we find.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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