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Last house on the right

Last House On The Right

In a world where dreams can sprout,
Stands a house beyond all doubt.
With walls of whimsy, vibrant and bright,
A mushroom house, a joyous sight.

It’s the last house on the right,
Where laughter echoes with pure delight.
A dwelling born from fairy’s touch,
Where imagination flourishes much.

No moss on walls, but colors bold,
A kaleidoscope of stories untold.
The roof, a shade of sapphire blue,
Kissing the sky, as dreams pursue.

Open the door, a gateway to bliss,
Step into a world of pure enchantment’s kiss.
Where ceilings dance with twinkling stars,
And moonbeams guide to realms afar.

Within these walls, pure magic blooms,
Exuding warmth in enchanted rooms.
Furniture crafted by woodland sprites,
Delicate petals and shimmering lights.

Windows frame a captivating view,
A vista painted in shades of azure hue.
Cotton candy clouds, floating high,
Birdsong serenades as time drifts by.

The gardens burst with colors rare,
Butterfly ballet fills the air.
Flourishing blooms, in every shade,
A symphony of petals, nature’s parade.

The fireplace crackles with gentle cheer,
Embracing all with love sincere.
Gather ’round, share tales of old,
As laughter and joy forever unfold.

In this abode, time finds no tether,
Where dreams and reality blend together.
No matter the color of roof or wall,
The essence of magic embraces all.

So seek the last house on the right,
Where imagination takes flight.
In this mushroom haven, dreams ignite,
A vibrant world of pure delight.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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