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Juneteenth Freedom Day

Juneteenth Freedom Day

In the heart of June, a moment to embrace,
A celebration of freedom, a song of grace.
Juneteenth, a day that echoes through the years,
Where hope unfurls, erasing chains of fears.

From Galveston’s shores, the word did spread,
The message of liberation, no longer unsaid.
In eighteen sixty-five, the proclamation came,
Emancipation’s call, like wildfire, aflame.

Through the cotton fields, the riverside’s sway,
The news whispered softly, dispelling dismay.
In the faces of the oppressed, a light did shine,
A promise of equality, a legacy divine.

From the shackles of bondage, a journey began,
United in struggle, hand in hand we stand.
Embracing the stories etched in sorrow’s mark,
Honoring the strength that lit freedom’s spark.

Juneteenth, a tapestry woven with resilience,
A symphony of voices, demanding brilliance.
The rhythm of drums, the dance of liberation,
A testament to endurance, a triumphant narration.

Today, a national holiday, recognition renewed,
To honor those who fought, whose dreams pursued,
A celebration of heritage, of African descent,
Weaving history’s threads, where freedom is sent.

Let us remember the struggle, the courage untold,
As Juneteenth’s tale weaves through stories of old.
For unity and justice, we raise our voice high,
In this mosaic of freedom, where dreams amplify.

Juneteenth, a beacon shining through time,
A reminder of progress, a symbol so sublime.
As we gather as one, under the summer’s sun,
Let freedom’s chorus ring, for all to be won.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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