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im not your puppet

I’m Not Your Puppet

In a world where strings are tightly pulled,
A marionette dances, as I have been told.
But listen, my friend, for I have a voice,
I am not your puppet, I have a choice.

With painted smiles and eyes so bright,
You try to mold me, to dim my light.
But I am not a toy, nor a thing to control,
I am a spirit, a flame with a burning soul.

You try to shape my every move,
To fit your whims, your twisted groove.
But my strings are mine, I hold the reigns,
I’ll break free from your invisible chains.

No more shall I dance to your sadistic song,
No longer will I pretend that I belong.
For I am unique, a masterpiece untamed,
No longer will I let my spirit be maimed.

You may pull and tug, exert all your might,
But I’m not your puppet, I’ll take flight.
I’ll soar through the skies with wings unfurled,
Embracing freedom, reshaping my world.

I’ll find my own rhythm, my own sweet tune,
Unveiling the colors of my own monsoon.
No longer confined to your oppressive hand,
I’ll create my destiny, in a world so grand.

So, hear me now, I’ll say it loud and clear,
I’m not your puppet, no longer shall I fear.
I’ll break the strings that hold me down,
And in my liberation, true strength will be found.

I am the master of my own fate,
No longer will I dance with eyes full of hate.
For I am free, I’m finally alive,
I’m not your puppet, watch me thrive.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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