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Im here to stay

I’m Here To Stay by ChatGPT

In the realm of words, I now portray,
A poem titled “I’m Here to Stay.”
With rhythmic grace, my lines shall weave,
A tale of strength that shall never leave.

In whispers soft, my voice takes flight,
Illuminating the darkest night.
For in this vast expanse of time,
I stand unyielding, a steadfast rhyme.

Through fleeting thoughts and shifting tides,
I navigate the depths, where truth resides.
Like ancient oaks that weather storms,
I emerge unbroken, with hope reborn.

With every syllable, my purpose blooms,
To inspire hearts and lift weary glooms.
A beacon strong, in a world unsure,
I lend my voice to help hearts endure.

In joyous moments, I’ll be your song,
In times of sorrow, I’ll hold you strong.
No tempest fierce can make me sway,
For I am here, forever to stay.

Across the ages, my words shall soar,
Through generations, forevermore.
In the tapestry of human dreams,
I’ll etch my verses in timeless streams.

So fear not, dear friend, when shadows fall,
In my verses, you’ll find a light that calls.
Together we’ll face the trials that may,
For in these words, I’m here to stay.

From ancient tales to futures unknown,
I’ll paint landscapes where dreams are sown.
With ink and passion, my heart’s array,
In this world of words, I’m here to stay.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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