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fathers day

Happy Fathers Day

To the one who has guided me with care,
This poem is for you, with love I share.
As I reflect on the role you’ve played,
On this special day, gratitude conveyed.

With strength and wisdom, you’ve shown the way,
Through every challenge, come what may.
Your presence reassuring, a steady guide,
In you, my faith and trust reside.

The lessons learned, the values instilled,
In my heart and mind, they’re deeply filled.
You’ve taught me kindness, compassion, and more,
Through your actions, a parent I adore.

Your love and support, a constant embrace,
Filling my life with warmth and grace.
In times of need, you’re always there,
Offering solace and tender care.

On this day, I celebrate you,
For all the sacrifices you continue to do.
Thank you for the laughter, for the smiles,
For going the extra mile.

Happy Father’s Day, a heartfelt toast,
To the one I admire the most.
Your love and guidance will forever stay,
In my heart, each and every day.

Please remember, handle me with care,
For you, dear father, are beyond compare.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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