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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

In the kingdom where waves embrace the shore,
Where tranquil waters softly explore,
There lies a haven, a gentle calling,
A whispered invitation, “Gone Fishing.”

Beneath the skies of azure hue,
Where dreams unfold, both old and new,
A solitary soul with heart unbending,
Sets sail upon the journey, “Gone Fishing.”

With rod in hand and hope in sight,
The angler seeks solace, day or night,
A dance with patience, a bond unbreaking,
In search of peace, amidst waters breaking.

The sun casts its golden, tender rays,
Upon the lake where dreams doth graze,
Reflections shimmer, secrets interweaving,
As time stands still, a world worth believing.

Each ripple tells a tale untold,
Of battles fought, of stories bold,
In whispers shared, from depths, arising,
A symphony of silence, mesmerizing.

The fishing line extends its reach,
A thread connecting life’s vibrant speech,
The pull of currents, a subtle tension,
A metaphor for life’s intricate dimension.

The breeze sings songs, a lullaby,
As worries drift away, silent and shy,
The weight of burdens, gently lifting,
In serenity, where spirits go drifting.

Oh, gone fishing, where troubles wane,
Where worries fade, like distant rain,
In harmony with nature’s symphony,
A sanctuary found, for hearts set free.

So, cast your worries, cast your line,
Embrace the moment, and all that’s thine,
For in this space, where dreams are granted,
The soul finds solace, love undaunted.

Where waves embrace the shore,
Where tranquil waters softly explore,
Gone fishing, we find our souls unwinding,
In the embrace of nature, forever binding.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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