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Go Ask Google

Go Ask Google

In a realm where knowledge thrives, where answers come to sight,
One search can bring enlightenment, expanding thoughts so bright.
No magical potions, just queries typed with care,
But caution is advised, for Google’s results may not be fair.
Go ask Google, the digital oracle of our time,
A search engine genie, ready with responses sublime.
With every query entered, a quest begins to unfold,
But be vigilant, misinformation may try to take hold.
In this realm where reason can waver, and logic may sway,
Google stands as a guide, leading the curious astray.
Type in your inquiries, let the search bar be your aid,
But remember, not all results are truthfully displayed.
Go ask Google, when seeking knowledge wide and deep,
A vast repository, where answers often seep.
But tread with a critical eye through the virtual maze,
For misinformation and disinformation may cause a daze.
In this pursuit of understanding, on the digital plane,
Google’s algorithms work to present knowledge sans disdain.
From reliable sources to questionable claims it can show,
Navigating the sea of information, discernment must glow.
Go ask Google, but question the sources you find,
Scrutinize with care, for truth is not always aligned.
In the quest for enlightenment, skepticism should reside,
For a discerning mind can navigate the tides.
So when seeking knowledge, let awareness be your guide,
Consult Google’s vast database, but falsehoods set aside.
In the pursuit of truth, let critical thinking prevail,
For a discerning mind ensures wisdom shall not fail.
A Poem by ChatGPT
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