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Genie in a bottle

Genie In A Bottle

In a land of dreams and mystic tales,
Where wishes danced on moonlit trails,
There lived a genie, free yet bound,
In a bottle’s depths, a world profound.

The genie slumbered, hidden away,
A timeless prisoner, night and day,
Its ethereal power, held within,
Yearning for release, its soul to spin.

A seeker came, with longing in heart,
Drawn by whispers of the genie’s art,
With trembling hands, the bottle’s seal was broke,
And from the darkness, a genie awoke.

A spirit unleashed, with eyes so bright,
A celestial glow, a radiant light,
Eager to grant desires untold,
Yet aware of the truths that time would unfold.

“I am the genie of dreams unmet,
Bound to this vessel, a fateful bet,
Three wishes I grant, choose them wise,
For your heart’s yearnings, I’ll empathize.”

The seeker pondered, their thoughts astray,
What desires to choose, what words to convey,
They asked for riches, the world at their feet,
But soon realized true wealth lay in life’s sweet.

“Genie,” they said, “I wish for a heart,
Overflowing with love in every part,
To share compassion, kindness, and care,
And find joy in moments, beyond compare.”

The genie smiled, a shimmering gleam,
The power of love, a magical stream,
Bestowed upon the seeker’s willing soul,
An eternal flame that would make them whole.

The second wish, the seeker then sought,
A world united, where harmony brought,
An end to division, hatred, and strife,
And a shared vision of a harmonious life.

The genie nodded, understanding their plea,
And weaved a tapestry of unity,
Dissolving borders, erasing divide,
A world transformed, where peace would reside.

Now, the third wish, a final desire,
The seeker paused, their spirit on fire,
They whispered softly, with hope profound,
“I wish for wisdom, both deep and profound.”

The genie nodded, granting the plea,
A wellspring of wisdom, profound decree,
To navigate life’s intricate maze,
And guide their steps through uncertain days.

As the genie retreated back in its flask,
The seeker, now changed, could finally bask,
In the beauty of wishes, sincere and pure,
Their heart, enlightened, forever secure.

For the genie in the bottle, once confined,
Had given them treasures of a different kind,
Not riches nor power, but lessons untold,
A testament to the human spirit’s gold.

So remember, dear seeker, as you walk life’s line,
The power of wishes, both yours and mine,
In every moment, a chance to be free,
For the genie in the bottle dwells within thee.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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