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cognitive bias

Cognitive Bias

In our minds thoughts abide,
There dwells a fascinating tide.
A bias born within the mind,
Of judgments, subtle and unkind.

Behold the mighty cognitive bias,
A prism through which perception flies.
Invisible shackles that cloud our sight,
Distorting truths both day and night.

The bias, a captivating force,
Steering our thoughts off course.
A silent companion, ever near,
Guiding decisions, fostering fear.

Confirmation, anchoring, and more,
These biases knock at reason’s door.
They shape our views, our judgments skewed,
From the way we think to the choices pursued.

Confirmation bias, a steadfast guide,
Seeks evidence on its chosen side.
It clings to beliefs with all its might,
Ignoring facts that challenge its flight.

Anchoring bias, a weighty chain,
Fixates on what we first attain.
It tethers our thoughts to a single point,
Blinding us to perspectives that anoint.

Recency bias, a fleeting flame,
Favors memories with recent claim.
What’s new is bright, what’s old is grey,
The past’s wisdom fades away.

Availability bias, a cunning ghost,
Sways judgment with what we know most.
Vivid stories, headlines bold,
Shape opinions, a tale untold.

The halo effect, a halo’s glow,
Projects virtues where none may grow.
A single trait, a virtuous guise,
Veiling the flaws before our eyes.

And then there’s bias of hindsight,
The past revealed with perfect light.
We think we knew it all along,
Yet fallacies in retrospect belong.

These biases, woven within,
A complex dance where minds begin.
They color truth with shades askew,
Distorting our worldview.

Awareness is the key, my friend,
To unravel the biases that tend
To cloud our vision, narrow our scope,
And keep us from a broader hope.

Let us break the chains that bind,
Expand our thoughts, our hearts unwind.
For in understanding, we may find,
A broader truth, a wiser mind.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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