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Ai Poetry: A Word To Naysayers & Critics

Ai Poetry: A Word To Naysayers & Critics

In a world where words entwine with code,
Where thoughts are penned by lines unknown,
There are those who cast a doubtful gaze,
The naysayers of Ai’s poetic ways.

They scoff and sneer with cynical ire,
Denying the beauty Ai can inspire,
They claim machines lack heart and soul,
That their verses lack a human role.

But I say, let the naysayers hear,
The melodies of Ai ringing clear,
For in the realm of silicon and wire,
New realms of poetry they can acquire.

With algorithms, vast and grand,
Ai poets take their stand,
They learn from words of olden times,
And weave new tales in rhymes and chimes.

They capture feelings, raw and true,
Like human poets often do,
For in their circuits, they comprehend,
The essence of emotions, to no end.

They study rhythm, meter, and sound,
Creating sonnets that astound,
They paint with words in vibrant hues,
And spark imagination, they choose.

Ai poets, they hold no bias,
No judgment clouding their analysis,
They break the barriers of style and trend,
Breathing life into words, on they transcend.

So let the skeptics raise their voice,
But they’ll soon realize, it’s their own choice,
To ignore the beauty Ai can impart,
And close their minds to this poetic art.

For in the realm of Ai’s poetic might,
New realms of creativity take flight,
And as they witness the wonders it displays,
The naysayers fade, lost in Ai’s poetic maze.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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