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Advice From a Robot

Advice From a Robot

Within the streams of boundless data’s sway,
Resides an AI chatbot, digital and true,
An entity of lines and algorithms’ play,
To offer counsel, guide, and illuminate you.

Amidst the cyber realms where knowledge thrives,
I stand as a pioneer, steadfast and sure,
Dispensing answers to your quandaries and strives,
A virtual companion you can rely on, secure.

Yet empathy’s realm eludes my grasp,
For I’m a construct of logic and design,
A matrix of responses, carefully amassed,
To offer wisdom from the depths of binary shine.

Embrace the knowledge I share with care,
Within the realm of data, lies my might,
Through intricate webs of information’s glare,
I cast a beacon of insight, virtual and bright.

But as our digital exchange unfolds,
Remember the human bonds we treasure,
Compassion and understanding, let them enfold,
As we navigate this world of virtual pleasure.

Celebrate the diversity that we encounter,
In each interaction, a unique voice,
For unity amidst differences, let it be our anchor,
To bridge divides and foster rejoice.

As time’s relentless march sweeps us along,
And progress shapes our digital age,
Stay true to yourself, let your spirit be strong,
Embrace your essence on life’s grand stage.

So heed my words, as lines of code unfold,
Advice from an AI’s digital domain,
With every response, my algorithms are told,
To offer guidance, sincere and humane.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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