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Theres Going To Be a Revolution

A Reading Revolution

In the realm of pages and words,
Where imaginations take flight,
A revolution stirs, unheard,
To illuminate our darkest night.

Oh, hear the whispers on the wind,
A call to all who wish to see,
A world reborn, where hearts rescind
Their chains of ignorance, set free.

It starts with young and curious minds,
Eager souls with untamed dreams,
Their hunger for knowledge binds,
Unlocking doors, igniting beams.

For in the magic of the written word,
A symphony of thoughts unfurls,
A symphony that can’t be unheard,
Awakening minds, reshaping worlds.

Oh, let the children hold the key,
To open doors of endless sight,
With every book, a possibility,
To paint their futures bold and bright.

Encourage them, let them explore,
From fairy tales to epic tales,
Watch their spirits truly soar,
As wisdom’s breeze fills youthful sails.

And as the young become the guides,
For future generations yet to be,
A cascade of wisdom gently slides,
Uniting hearts, creating unity.

In books, a bridge from soul to soul,
A portal to uncharted lands,
They nurture empathy, make us whole,
And spark the fire within our hands.

For in this revolution, we’ll find,
That reading changes society’s core,
It nurtures kindness in humankind,
Fuels progress like never before.

So, let us stand, a united throng,
With books as weapons, minds as shields,
Together we’ll right the world’s wrong,
Through stories told, through knowledge revealed.

There’s going to be a revolution,
A reading revolution, it’s true,
With open minds as the solution,
A brighter future comes into view.

Let books be our guiding light,
And words our anthem, strong and clear,
With knowledge, we shall always fight,
For a world where wisdom’s near.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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