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A Narcissist’s Reckoning

In a realm where shadows dwell,
Lived a narcissist, his story I shall tell.
With a mirror for a heart, his soul askew,
He thrived on power, while others he’d subdue.

With silver tongue and charming grace,
He’d manipulate, leaving trails of disgrace.
He twisted truth with every word he spoke,
A master illusionist, his spell he’d invoke.

He’d dance upon hearts, a cruel charade,
Leaving shattered dreams in his dark parade.
Each step he took, a life he’d exploit,
A selfish puppeteer, his strings deftly deployed.

Through lies and deceit, he’d build his throne,
Crushing spirits, leaving scars to be shown.
But fate, my friend, has a way to repay,
For darkness, in time, must face the light of day.

As his empire grew, so did the discontent,
People rose, their patience finally spent.
United they stood, against his tyranny,
The narcissist’s reign, a chapter to set free.

With courage and resilience, they took a stand,
Their unity a force, a mighty demand.
Exposing his facade, his true colors unveiled,
The world saw the monster, the truth unveiled.

His castle crumbled, his power diminished,
As karma arrived, relentless and finished.
The lives he hurt, they found solace in peace,
Rebuilding their dreams, their souls found release.

And the narcissist, stripped of his mask,
Now a broken reflection, a daunting task.
No longer revered, no pedestal to stand,
He faced the void, a solitary strand.

So let this tale be a reminder, my friend,
That even the wickedness meets its end.
For in the end, it is kindness that thrives,
And the narcissist’s demise is the world’s revive.

A Poem by ChatGPT

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